FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Features provided by the systems are: measured and compensated pressure (in addition to target and nominal pressure), tyre temperature, digital pressure gauge and Tyre ID. Through the Cyber™ Fleet App it is possible to configure vehicles and synchronise different devices. Cyber™ Fleet provides tyre pressure alerts.
As you drive and the tyres warm up, tyre pressure increases. Cyber™ Fleet adjusts for this variation by normalising the tyre pressure using inner-tyre temperature, which is a more precise representation of the tyre pressure at any given time.
Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet is available for every tyre brand and vehicle. Brand new tyres are required in order to get information and forecast related to preventive maintenance.
Yes. Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet can be installed on any tubeless tyre of any brand.
Yes. You can use Cyber™ Fleet anywhere but the cloud connection may not work anywhere. Roaming charges may apply.
No, it does not, the vehicle is not affected in anyway by Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet.
No maintenance is required on the hardware. The Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet App may have to be updated periodically as with any App.


The mobile data consumption is related to fleet dimension (vehicles and tyres). Each vehicle uses a few Kbytes per connection.
When using the Cyber™ Fleet App, you will receive real time tyre pressure and temperature measurements and, in case of anomalies, real time alerts.
Yes. It is possible to download the App on more than one smartphone. However, Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet account username and password will be the same for both devices.
All your data will be stored inside Pirelli Private Cloud in a secure way. The customer can access his own data. Pirelli has access to your data in order to contact you for assistance and to provide Cyber™ Fleet services.
Data transfer protocols are secured and encrypted.
Information relating to temperature and pressure will always be available regardless of data availability, as soon as there is connectivity the data will be sent back to the Pirelli cloud immediately.
Tyre data is hosted in the Pirelli Virtual Private cloud, built over an IOT platform. This platform uses data to perform calculations to help our customers to improve their tyre management procedures.
Cyber™ Fleet is hosted in Pirelli Private Cloud, is secure and all the information stored is not directly accessible through the Internet.
Customer is the data owner. By accepting the Pirelli Terms and Conditions, the customer allows Pirelli to process the data.
Cyber™ Fleet will be available in the language of the country it is launched in.
Cyber™ Fleet Control web portal is a responsive interface you can access through your smartphone


Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet is fitted by "authorised" Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet tyre dealers with whom the customer places the order. The system is self-powered and does not require any intrusive installation.
The activity performed by an authorised and qualified installer will last no more than a few minutes per tyre. The vehicle configuration can be performed directly by the fleet.
Identify the application area within the tyre and clean it carefully according to the instructions. Remove the protective film from the bottom of the sensor and proceed with the gluing.
Usually, the target compensated pressure is indicated in the vehicle manual. This is related to the suggested tyres (also reported in the vehicle manual) and to the maximum load carried with a specific axle.


The sensor warranty is 2 years. However, the sensor life can be configured from 3 to 5 years.
The sensor is self-powered and lasts for two years.