Making all tyres connected, this solution helps you monitor
and manage your tyre pressure and temperature anytime you are close to your vehicle.

The Cyber™ Fleet App also provides a digital pressure gauge which works like a digital manometer without the need to wait for the temperature to decrease. Through the Cyber™ Fleet App you can also set reminders to make sure you remember to check your tyres on a regular basis..

Let the Cyber™ Fleet solution help you increase the efficiency of your business!

The solution for

  • Regional and urban truck fleets
  • Truck/
    Trailer companies
  • Bus and coach
  • Public bus
  • Truck site

it works

The Cyber™ Fleet solution consists of sensors fitted into the inner liner of your tyres. The data collected from the sensors is sent to the Cyber™ Fleet App which is compatible with the majority of smartphones currently on the market.

The Cyber™ Fleet provides driver and fleet
manager with the following information:

  • Tyre ID (tyre manufacturer, brand, model, tyre size, DOT)
  • Tyre Pressure (nominal, target, compensated and measured)
  • Real tyre temperature
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Vehicle configuration
  • Tyre pressure and Temperature check reminder
  • Tyre Pressure alarms
  • Automatic synchronisation on different smartphones
  • Reporting

A smart check to drive safely

No need to spend hours checking your tyres anymore, get a clear picture within 30 seconds.

Cyber™ Fleet

Take advantage of the many benefits
provided to fleet managers and drivers

Easy to use

Save time and costs
Quick tyre check whenever you need to.
Decrease maintenance cost and vehicle downtime 

Increased safety
Be on the road with
optimal tyre conditions at all times 

Reduced CO2 emissions
Increase the efficiency of your vehicles
by reducing CO2 emissions

No hardware
to install on the truck

Breakdown reduction
Thanks to preventive maintenance 


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